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I just started working with lj a few days ago and have been looking for things to do with it. So far I've been pretty directionless but I'm hoping to change that over time. A few words about why I decided to join this community:

1) It sounds like it's right up my alley (more on that later).

2) It was started on my birthday, which my insignificant little self found pretty cool.

Anyway, a few words about me: I've always been fairly well-educated by most people's standards at the schools I've gone to. But eventually I started to realize that there was a lot missing, too. That's when I started teaching myself other things. I've explored the relationship of existentialism and absurdist theater, learned the history of The New Yorker, studied the politics of people sitting in cafeterias. Nothing is as exciting to me as a new idea. If all this makes me sound pretentious, well, touche. I am definitely pretentious and not at all afraid of admitting it. My proudest moment has definitely been discovering the great poets of centuries past as I attempt to bring my own work further and further still from the typical college-student drivel.

That's it for my first post, guys.
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