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Whose relativity? 
01:53pm 10/06/2004
  The Speed of Gravity -- metaresearch.org

Is this a misunderstanding, or a real flaw in the Einstein based approach to relativity and gravity? I don't have enough background in astronomical calculations to be sure, but some of his points seem rather plausible. The references to non-parallel action of light and gravity should, at least, be researchable.
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08:45pm 20/05/2004
mood: artistic
hi! i just joined this community. my name is shannon, i'm going into my third year of college as a crafs major (i mostly work in fine metals and fibers). i've always been interested in learning more than what is taught at school, because, well, school can get real boring real quick. this summer i would like to try to learn some spanish or esperanto (or both) and maybe do a little research into the golden rectangle and the fibonacci sequence. mathematical patterns like that are so intriguing to me. it can be so beautiful. anyway, i am hoping this community might inspire me to accomplish those goals.

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Objects in the Sky April 01, 2004 
07:25pm 16/04/2004
  I'm a student who lives in Texas, USA. My teacher captured an unusual video of two objects coming down from the sky on April 1, 2004, around dusk. They seem to be moving fairly slowly and are on paths parallel to one another. After a few minutes, another object streaks up as if to intercept them, but misses by a (seemingly) small margain. I gather that the objects eventually reached the ground, but I am unsure of where.

We have called the FAA and they have claimed that they aren't interested in items such as this, and have deneyed that anything happened. The newspaper came to look at the video, but they "couldn't confirm" the occurance, so had no further interest.

None of this has been shown on the news or printed in the newspapers. Despite the fact that this happened in a suburban area, it has been kept surprisingly quiet. Silent, in fact.

There were many witnesses to this; several planes flew by, my teacher's neigbors in his apartment complex, and numerous others, I would gather.

My teacher said in a post on a local news site: "I have video of what "looks" like 2 "aircraft" burning up entering the atmosphere over D/FW and a missle being fired up toward them and just missing. Dozens of people saw it but the news won't report it and the FAA says it never happened. A distasteful, and expensive April Fools stunt?? Did our tax money pay for this!?!"

No one will answer our questions about this matter. I am posting on this community in the hopes that someone here may work for NASA or the like and might be able to enlighten us.

I currently have only the high-quality version of the video, but within a few hours, I am supposed to have been sent the e-mail-able version of the footage. Is someone here interested in seeing it? Any insights would be most welcome. Please contact me at sensesensei@yahoo.com .

Thank you.
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11:22am 03/04/2004
  I've started to Art and Lies by Jeanette Winterson. It's been a long time since I've read something beautiful. I miss reading beautiful things part of the reason why I want to get into the sciences is so I can appreciate beautiful pieces of writing for their beauty alone and not because it's my job. I've been trying to find the beauty in mathematics. Everyone that I know that is in math and even some people that are not think that it is beautiful. I think mathematics is fun but I'm still looking for it's beauty. I'm hoping that by reading beautiful writing I may be able to see the beauty in mathematics. Beauty in literature seems different that beauty in mathematics. A beautiful work of literature is completely unique from all the others because each was created by a different person. Beauty in mathematics is different; calculus can be done in a variety of ways and at different levels but it's all calculus and it was all created by Newton and Leibnitz. So I guess it's more appreciation of the art then the person(s) that created it. Any thoughts?

cross posted to my journal
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New here 
02:41pm 02/04/2004
I'm new here. I first started to discover my reckless scholorhood when I was in sixth grade and read Midsummer Nights Dream. Currently I'm trying to teach myself math and sometimes a bit of physics. I hope to seek the theory of everything. I'm a freshman in college and I'm planning on majoring in either math or physics.
been too long. 
02:54pm 27/01/2004
mood: aggravated
Well, now that we've all stagnated sufficiently.

Loop Quantum Gravity doesn't seem nearly as polished as string theory... Anyone know any really good sites/journals that pertain to it?

So, role call... Who actually is in here. I haven't heard from anyone in a long time. Granted, I've been busy and haven't posted much as I should have.

Dan, come on, put the intel stuff here. Its just a wee bit relevant. unless of course you want me to play evil john-pranks on you
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Ah, new obsession 
06:55am 21/12/2003
mood: anxious
Well, its that time of year again... Gonna immerse myself in a new topic... Loop quantum gravity.

They ran an article on it.

String theory... well, until I get into complex variables in calc, I can't do much more with it.

So on to something new.

Anyone have any non-obvious info on LQG.

How I love those unified field theories.
starting up 
05:23pm 14/12/2003
mood: contemplative

I just started working with lj a few days ago and have been looking for things to do with it. So far I've been pretty directionless but I'm hoping to change that over time. A few words about why I decided to join this community:

1) It sounds like it's right up my alley (more on that later).

2) It was started on my birthday, which my insignificant little self found pretty cool.

Anyway, a few words about me: I've always been fairly well-educated by most people's standards at the schools I've gone to. But eventually I started to realize that there was a lot missing, too. That's when I started teaching myself other things. I've explored the relationship of existentialism and absurdist theater, learned the history of The New Yorker, studied the politics of people sitting in cafeterias. Nothing is as exciting to me as a new idea. If all this makes me sound pretentious, well, touche. I am definitely pretentious and not at all afraid of admitting it. My proudest moment has definitely been discovering the great poets of centuries past as I attempt to bring my own work further and further still from the typical college-student drivel.

That's it for my first post, guys.
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08:48pm 09/12/2003
mood: depressed
I'm Dan. My science background, since age 10, was originally in internet security and penetration as well as piracy but since then I have expanded into general computer science with a bit of an emphasis on C++, QBasic, ActionScripting, Fuzzy Logic, AI, navigation filters (ie Kalman Filter). My main focus is on space from the point of view of an engineer. I have studied astrobiology which has led me to astroengineering. I am terrible with math and theorhetical stuff so quite the opposite of John. Applied concepts, spatial reasoning, and applied physics are my areas.
I also have a thing for 1960s-1970s history and English in general although I do love Shakespear and Ambrose Bierce in particular.
I don't know if anyone here other than John and I are involved in structured independant research but if anyone is please share your topic. I am designing an autonomous guidance navigation system with on board heading correction based on inertial navigation and GPS readings for deployment on a robotic probe to Europa. This is a ground up project which means I will attempt to build the whole thing without a base model, simply what I can create in my notes. This is my second year working on the project and I will be attempting to compete in the WESEF, a subset of the ICEF, this year.
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Well, its about time, no? 
07:37pm 09/12/2003
mood: dorky
Ah, how to begin, or rather, how to continue what Dan has already started.
Well, I've started this comunity with the purpose of facilitating student research... Of more or less any type. Of course, the hard sciences are the primary concern, but philosophy, psychology, theology (eh, easy on the theology), polital theory, etc are all apreciated as well.
I personally am an aspiring theoretical physicist. I've been interested in the Unified Field Theories since I was in 8th grade, and have been studying the modern theories in physics since I began high school.
I also have a background in Neurology and Nutrition, and am more or less my schools expert on the Shinto religion.
But, there's a hell of a lot more I know next to nothing about, and hopefully this community can help its members learn new things, or perhaps even push people in a new direction in terms of their research.
10:18am 04/11/2003
mood: amused
Since no one seems to be posting in this group I thought I might as well try to get the conversation going. We have a small group now, but I have a feeling it will grow. Let me introduce myself. My name is Dan and I found out about Recklessscholar from John (seekingsatori). Who is everyone rooting for in the 2004 election? I'm liking Howard Dean right now.
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