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Objects in the Sky April 01, 2004

I'm a student who lives in Texas, USA. My teacher captured an unusual video of two objects coming down from the sky on April 1, 2004, around dusk. They seem to be moving fairly slowly and are on paths parallel to one another. After a few minutes, another object streaks up as if to intercept them, but misses by a (seemingly) small margain. I gather that the objects eventually reached the ground, but I am unsure of where.

We have called the FAA and they have claimed that they aren't interested in items such as this, and have deneyed that anything happened. The newspaper came to look at the video, but they "couldn't confirm" the occurance, so had no further interest.

None of this has been shown on the news or printed in the newspapers. Despite the fact that this happened in a suburban area, it has been kept surprisingly quiet. Silent, in fact.

There were many witnesses to this; several planes flew by, my teacher's neigbors in his apartment complex, and numerous others, I would gather.

My teacher said in a post on a local news site: "I have video of what "looks" like 2 "aircraft" burning up entering the atmosphere over D/FW and a missle being fired up toward them and just missing. Dozens of people saw it but the news won't report it and the FAA says it never happened. A distasteful, and expensive April Fools stunt?? Did our tax money pay for this!?!"

No one will answer our questions about this matter. I am posting on this community in the hopes that someone here may work for NASA or the like and might be able to enlighten us.

I currently have only the high-quality version of the video, but within a few hours, I am supposed to have been sent the e-mail-able version of the footage. Is someone here interested in seeing it? Any insights would be most welcome. Please contact me at .

Thank you.
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