Feonixrift (feonixrift) wrote in recklessscholar,

Whose relativity?

The Speed of Gravity -- metaresearch.org

Is this a misunderstanding, or a real flaw in the Einstein based approach to relativity and gravity? I don't have enough background in astronomical calculations to be sure, but some of his points seem rather plausible. The references to non-parallel action of light and gravity should, at least, be researchable.
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from what i understand, theres a universally accepted idea that eistein left out one thing in every equation he ever made- gamma, an instability finction .

without it, all his equations are definite, where thay CANT possibly be, but hell, what do i know, im at DeVry taking computer engineering technology, so i dont know much

in fact, the only reason i know THAT is a friend and i talked about it while drunk in a boston pizza...

i digress