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Well, its about time, no?

Ah, how to begin, or rather, how to continue what Dan has already started.
Well, I've started this comunity with the purpose of facilitating student research... Of more or less any type. Of course, the hard sciences are the primary concern, but philosophy, psychology, theology (eh, easy on the theology), polital theory, etc are all apreciated as well.
I personally am an aspiring theoretical physicist. I've been interested in the Unified Field Theories since I was in 8th grade, and have been studying the modern theories in physics since I began high school.
I also have a background in Neurology and Nutrition, and am more or less my schools expert on the Shinto religion.
But, there's a hell of a lot more I know next to nothing about, and hopefully this community can help its members learn new things, or perhaps even push people in a new direction in terms of their research.
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